The number three enemy of health.
Also known as fear or panic.

Worry is an old German word, Wyrgan. It means to strangle, choke, or tear at the throat with teeth. We still use the word in its original meaning when we speak of a cat worrying a mouse. Cats play with their prey before they kill it. A slap to the head sends the mouse reeling and sliding across the floor. While it is still groggy, a slap on the other side sends it sliding back. It is only when the cat tires of this game that it goes for the throat. I can vividly recall a time when Satan did me the same way. I imagine you can, also. Thank God, we are no longer helpless. Jesus de-fanged the snake, now we just need to know it and act on the knowledge.

Worry means to be anxious, feel uneasy, be apprehensive, disturbed, troubled, distressed, agonize, fret, despair, lose heart, be down hearted, be heavy hearted, be afraid, dread, brood over, stew. It is also defined as torment, agony, misery, woe, difficulty, and vexation.

Worry is negative believing. The devil just delights to start you on "what if " ... what if I lose my job. What if the car quits? What if Russia attacks? What if I don't have enough money and I can't pay my bills? What ifs are mostly shadow boxing, that means we can't really see our enemy, so even a gust of wind will make us tense. We can get so accustomed to being tense that when we are calm, it makes us nervous. Ever feel like..... this must be the calm before the storm, so I'd better brace myself for the hurricane? Come on now, admit it, we have all felt that way once in a while. Worry, believes that the worst will happen and it will happen to me or someone I love dearly. Worry is a fog screen put up by the devil so he can sneak in and steal our joy. Some years ago (1968 to be exact) We purchased a brand new nine passenger station wagon, taking possession of it a few weeks prior to leaving on a 3000 mile trip with six of our children. We drove it around town long enough (we thought) to make sure there were no problems, then loaded up and left Michigan, headed for Arlington, Texas. We were about 125 miles from home when the entire electrical system blew. In due time, repairs were made and we started out once more. It blew again in Kentucky.

After repairs, from that point on the car ran perfectly. But I had lost my joy and confidence in having this particular car. Every bump or jiggle in the road caused me to hear noises and each noise had me worried that it was going to do it again. That worry didn't end when the trip did either. Six months later I was still describing noises to my husband, who finally said, "Stop worrying about that dumb car, drive it till the wheels fall off, then we'll get another one." I did..... in fact I drove it until 1973 (fully loaded with children and groceries) and never heard another noise.

Worry will descend like a heavy fog when you are 125 miles from home and convince you the iron is plugged in and the cat is in the bedroom closet. The purpose, of this cloud of worry, is to steal joy. Just try and enjoy a trip when you are worried about your home, it can't be done. Wonder why the devil wants to steal our joy?. It's because the joy of the Lord is our strength, and he needs us weak and dumb in order to finish us off.

Science estimates that a dense fog 7 blocks wide by 100 feet deep consists of only enough water to fill one 8 ounce water glass. Think about that,....... all of a major sized city could be paralyzed by several gallons of water. If a dense fog hangs around very long, it can bring on panic. I remember driving 30 miles one night in a very dense fog. My whole body was tense from the effort of trying to see, I was close to panic, when I realized that the white line on the outside of the road was very clear. Then I heard that calm inner voice telling me.... just follow the line, move slowly and you'll get home safely. When the fog of worry descends, keep in mind that the devil only had to use a very little thing to cause a one person size fog. It's been blown all out of proportion for the purpose of stealing your joy. Just keep your eye on Jesus, move slowly and you'll get home safely. (Incidentally, I had never thought to do so, before that night, but I now give thanks unto the Lord for those who are responsible for painting white lines on the road.)

Ephesians 6:13-14 does not say "having done all, WORRY," it says "having done all stand."

The root cause of worry is that we are not sure God is our source. WORRY DOUBTS GOD'S WILLINGNESS TO PROVIDE.

"Therefore I tell you, stop being perpetually uneasy (anxious and worried) about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, and about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life greater (in quality) than food, and the body (far above and more excellent) than clothing? Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not worth more than they? And which of you by worrying and being anxious can add one unit of measure (cubit) to his stature or to the span of his life? And why should you be anxious about clothes? Consider the lilies of the field and learn thoroughly how they grow; they neither toil nor spin. Yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his magnificence (excellence, dignity and grace) was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and green and tomorrow is tossed into the furnace, will He not much more surely clothe you, O you men with little faith:" "Therefore DO NOT WORRY AND BE ANXIOUS, saying, What are we going to have to eat or, What are we going to have to drink, or what are we going to have to wear?" Matthew 6:25-31

Instead of worrying we should declare, "My God meets all my needs, through Christ Jesus my Lord." Phil:4-19. Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; My (own) peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives, do I give to you. Do not be afraid...STOP ALLOWING YOURSELVES TO BE AGITATED AND DISTURBED; AND DO NOT PERMIT YOURSELVES TO BE FEARFUL AND INTIMIDATED AND COWARDLY AND UNSETTLED."John 14:27.

Worry will ruin our health, destroy our looks and make people want to hurry away from us, because if we keep thinking it, we will start saying it; and no one likes to spend much time with gloom and doom. King David said that because of sorrow and sighing in his life, neighbors and friends fled from him. Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands and the whole nervous system.

Dr. Charles Mayo of the famed Mayo Clinic said, "I have never known a man who died from over work, but many who died from doubt." Doubt concerning the goodness of God and His provision.

Worry seems to fasten itself on tomorrow. This may come as a surprise, but as the old saying goes, "We can't cross a bridge until we arrive at it." Today is all we have, so lets not ruin it by spending it in the dense fog of worry. We need to get our priorities set straight. Putting our affections on things that are above. Keeping our eye on the mark of the high calling of God. "The Prize." Then not worrying about the other stuff, God says, "I'll take care of that." Provision is God's area.....setting our affections is ours. In both Matthew and John, the Lord says, let not and be not. That sounds like we have a choice in the matter. Worry has been called the high interest on borrowing trouble, and it is high interest in deed, opening the door to all manner of sickness.

Words that have the opposite meaning of worry, fear, and panic (Antonyms) are comfort, solace, console, soothe, calm, assurance, security, trust, composure, tranquility, peace of mind, and serenity. All of these things will be ours, if we keep our minds stayed on Him who is the giver of peace.  

Another word for worry is fear. Fear is from an old English word faer which means fright or panic or worry. FAER a sudden calamity or ambush.

The word panic came into use because of the belief that acute fear was caused by the Greek god Pan who had horns and hoofs of a goat. The definition of panic is a sudden unreasonable over powering fear. The worst liar in the world is panic or fear. Ever notice how scriptural we become when panic hits us? We do just like the folks in the Bible, and we "cry out for fear." What we need to get down in our spirits, is that Jesus loves us and has promised to be with us, He said, "fear NOT, I am with you." "Do not be seized with alarm, have no fear, keep on believing." Acts 18:10 Math.14:23 Mark 5:36

Panic, fear and worry not only cause illness, they also cause that which we fear, panic and worry about, to come true. Just the other day, upon hearing some unpleasant news; I heard myself saying, "That's what I was afraid of." Job had the same problem he said, "That which I greatly feared, came upon me, that of which I am afraid befalls me." Job 3:25 He even made sacrifices because he was afraid something bad was going to happen.

People haven't changed much, they are still doing the very same thing. "Lord, if you'll just save my .......(husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother) I'll never ask for anything else." A sacrificial offering made out of fear that the Lord's promise to save you and your household is not true, is a carbon copy of Job. When we worry or fear, we are telling God, we are not sure He is willing to take care of us. Sparrows He likes, but, He's got it in for us.

That's either ignorance which can be corrected, or sin which must be confessed and forsaken."  ...For whatever does not originate and proceed from faith is sin---that is, whatever is done without a conviction of its approval by God is sinful." Romans 14:23.

Always remember that worry and fear are not from God, and God has given us the authority to tread on them. Do not let your heart be troubled. We must gain knowledge of God's faithful goodness. Then when fear knocks at our door instead of crying out for fear, we will cry out in faith. "Fear I command you, in the name of Jesus, not to attack me. I take authority over you, God loves me. He has given me power over you. You will not attack me anymore." Luke 10:19. When we resist, he will flee.

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