Enemies of Health - Depression
Cause #3: Demons

This person does not usually start by going to the family Doctor, for physical pains. They head for the Psychiatrist. While wringing hands and appearing to be in obvious emotional pain, they will often say over and over; "I'm so depressed, I'm so depressed!". I once knew a young girl who wandered around saying I'm so depressed. I wish I had known then what I know now. If I had, she would have been set free. She had a depressing spirit, which can and many times does lead to suicide. Given a long enough period of time, these demons start talking to people about destruction, either of themselves or others. Doctors answer this problem with pills, pills, and more pills. Which do not cure, but will suppress the symptoms until you can locate the cure. The cure is someone who responds in the same way that Evangelist Norvell Hayes does, by commanding that the demon COME OUT. Then ministering Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

CAN SPIRIT FILLED PEOPLE HAVE A DEMON OR EVIL SPIRIT? The Church has a running argument going on about this. The question, is it possession or oppression?

First, clarify. We are spirits who live in a body and have souls (the intellect, the emotions, and the will). When we are born again the Lord Jesus comes to make His home in our human spirit. We are now possessed by all the goodness of God. Jesus has said He will never leave us or forsake us, and we know that our spirits will not house both good and evil; so it is not possible for Satan to enter and possess our born again spirits.

Our personalities are a different matter. They are not born again, they must be renewed, transformed by the word of God. We must bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. If we do not, we open the door to Satan. The word "oppress" means to exercise control over or to tyrannize [establish strongholds]. The forces of evil attack our minds, if we entertain (dwell on) the thoughts, the thoughts will exercise control (strongholds) over us and tyrannize us.

We can't keep the birds (thoughts) from flying over our heads, but we can keep them from making nests in our hair,.... if we give no place to the devil.

Strongholds of the enemy on Christian territory don't just happen with a ZAP and there we are, bound in it's tentacles. We must open the door to hostile invasion. If we take fire to our bosom, we are going to get burned. When Delilah asked Samson the source of his strength, instead of just saying, "I'm not going to tell you." He played with fire. Three times he deceived her, then the fourth time, he got burned. There are many men who have been ensnared on a trip out of town, because the devil presented a temptation then whispered, "No one will know." Often once leads to twice and twice to more, and then the devil delights to expose the sins for all the world to see.

Opportunities for strongholds manifest themselves in different ways. Example... Someone hurts us, badly. Doesn't have to be physical. We know what we must do, we must forgive. The difficulty is that we really don't want to. Maybe we say, "I've forgiven," through a frozen face and in a frozen voice. There are proper words on our lips, but in our heart there is war. We are in fact cherishing our grudge. (hope they get what they deserve). That is an open door to hostile invasion. Nothing grows faster than a root of bitterness, it grows wildly and crowds out all fruit. That means joy will go. When joy leaves the life of a Christian, the contrast is so sharp, that we feel depressed and weak. Demons look for the weak ones in the same manner that wild animals look for the stragglers and the weak of a flock. A root of bitterness must be renounced. Trying to ignore it's existence or hide it won't work.

Another example of an open door to demons, is catering to lustful thoughts. Pornographic movies can lead to destruction. With sadness I recall a young man that I was acquainted with a few years back. He had a beautiful voice and was an anointed singer of the gospel. Then he became involved with X-rated movies, which led to peeping into bedroom windows. I know this, because it was part of his confession printed in the newspaper, after he was arrested. Another case of taking fire to the bosom and getting burned.

The only way we can avoid the traps set for us, is to have a renewed mind. To have our minds filled with the knowledge of God. The war of flesh and Spirit is fought in the mind. The mind casts the deciding vote.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 "And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through... that is, separate you from profane things, make you pure and wholly consecrated to God... and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete (and found) blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah."

We are spirits, we have souls, we live in bodies. We are made in the image of God. Triune. When we are born (natural) our spirits are alive unto God. Jesus, was the light, the genuine light which enlightens spiritually every man as it comes into the universe. John 1:9 Expanded version New Testament by Wuest. This is also confirmed by the information that a child may be full of the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb, Luke 1:15; and that little children are in the kingdom of Christ. Matthew 19:14; Jesus also spoke of little children as believers in Him. Matthew 18:6.

There are three types of death in the word.

  1. Spiritual, separation from God.
  2. Physical separation of spirit and soul from body.
  3. The "second death" which is eternal separation from God.

Spiritual death occurs when having reached the age of accountability darkness is chosen rather than light. As new born infants, our spirits are alive unto God even though our understanding is zero and our bodies have inherited Adam's sin.

Infants and young children, accept wants and desires as natural, satisfies them as they are able, and asks no questions about them. Then understanding of the law comes. In the name of God, the law sets limits on our instincts. When that happens, latent sinfulness (Adam's sin) crystallizes into open rebellion and we yell "I Will". Saint Paul said, "I was once alive apart from the law," Romans 7:9 He lived as he pleased; he accepted wants and desires as natural, satisfied them as he was able, and asked no questions about them. But when the law entered, things changed. We reach the age of accountably and die spiritually when, even though we have understanding, we still yell, "I WILL".

When we are born again our spirits are reborn or made alive again unto God. We are new creatures in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 2:1. With this born again spirit we are able once more to relate to God. We will now hear the voice of our spirit.

Born again, new creature refers to our spirits. Not our bodies and our minds or souls. Our spirits change, bodies and souls remain the same, they must be trained. Our body is the house. In the house of flesh dwells the sin nature. The desire to do wrong. Romans 7:18 Col. 3:5 and Ephesians 2:3. We must present our bodies as a living sacrifice. We do this by an act of our will (part of mind). If we do not have a renewed minds we will never make it. Our bodies and the devil working through our minds will gang up on us and a stronghold will be established.

Well, what about Brother Doo Dad? In church all the time. The way he quoted the word, he must have had a renewed mind........ Ran off with the organist. Destroyed the church and both families.

Hard to say what happened, since we can't possibly know what his inner thoughts were. But my guess is that it all started with a small rebellion. A lustful thought that was entertained, but pretty soon, he wasn't playing with it; it was playing with him and had him bound. It may have started with a refusal to forgive his wife for some slight; or perhaps a poor pitiful me, "My wife doesn't understand me," nobody loves me attitude. Giving place to the devil.

Place yourself in this scene. One morning you look in the mirror, and decide this month I will loose 10 pounds. That very evening, you click on the TV. and quick as a flash, the local ice cream parlor's commercial comes on. They are making a sundae just for you. Your spirit says No, No. Your body says yes, yes. Body says, give it to me, I want it now. Spirit says, remember your goals...... un-renewed mind says you deserve it, you worked so hard today; just this once won't hurt.

At that point, you are grabbing your keys and are on your way out the door. You might even make it to the order counter before the commercial is over. Works the same for people who are hooked by alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or pornography. If we give in, the next line of attack is to tell us what worthless, spineless, messes we are. Following this, comes, "Might as well have another of what ever it is, you are a failure. Always was, always will be." That's about one inch away from deep depression and a shove, from any direction, friend or foe, will finish the job. Do you know someone in trouble? Don't push them farther into the pit....they know they missed it, they don't need you to tell them. What they need is someone to tell them that Jesus still loves them.

We've got to get our minds filled with the knowledge of God and what He has done for us, so our minds will agree with our re-created, born anew spirits. Then we will be able to resist the devil, and he will flee.

A word of friendly advice. When you first begin resisting the devil, he may not believe you, after all, you have said No many times before and have not meant it. So he keeps coming back. Keep resisting, tell him, this time its not just you...its you and God. Quote him chapter and verse, over and over, if necessary. He'll believe you then.

Demons of depression and despair will destroy emotional health and then will work on killing the body. In a Christian's life, these demons must gain entry, through an open door. So they roam about seeking whom they "may" devour. "May" is a permissive term, say NO, you may not. The word "can" denotes ability. Do you suppose that it is a coincidence that "may" (will you let me?) is used with devour...but "can" (I am able) is used with "I can do all things through Christ Jesus......."?

We spend hours everyday tending to the house. 3 meals= 1 and a half hours per day and 1 hour washing, dressing, combing, brushing. But many times the real us, the spirit man is left on starvation rations. Sometimes the spirit man, having fasted for several months is called upon to move a mountain. Mountain moving is heavy work, it takes strength. How do you think our physical bodies would respond to moving a mountain, if we hadn't fed them for a week? Probably very slowly, if at all. We never know when our paths are going to take a turn that will place us in front of a mountain. Our pick and shovel work will do little towards moving mountains, we need to be able to say, Spirit man, rise big in me and move this mountain. Thank God for the Holy Spirit...... He is better than a bulldozer. Borrow the scouts motto, "Be prepared," get into God's Word, get to know the nature of God; and what He has done for us.

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